Friday, June 24, 2011

"I'll Buy The Flowers Myself..."

Reflected Ceiling Plan
Floor Plan

Side Elevation

Section A

Section B

Front Elevation

Section D

Section C

Back Elevation

Section E

Section F

Final Pin-Up

Final Model [side elevation]

Final Model [back elevation]
Inspired by the work of Oscar Niemeyer and the notion of suicide as a shift from the natural order comes this flower shop design. Located on a given site across from a cemetery in Brooklyn, this flower shop is meant to be an experience; a place where the sublime lives. Leaking from the perfect rectangular geometries of the back elevation comes the curving front elevation resembling a droplet. Within this droplet is the public flower shop. The public and private spaces are separated save for a doorway between the two near the entrance. A visitor enters from the south east corner and descends two feet below ground down a curving ramp. Passing through what appears to be a gap where the twenty foot high wall meets the ceiling, a visitor is immediately confronted with a light fixture composed of hundreds of suspended singular illuminated glass flower vases of varying lengths. The ceiling and walls themselves glow due to the transparent concrete used in construction. Buckets are inserted into the wall and a curved cash wrap marks the end of the circular progression one follows inside the public space. One exits through the same entrance gap and ascends towards ground level. A special feature of this public space is the private consultation platform located off the exit ramp where the only view outside the building exists (otherwise, one's concept of space is lost and feelings of floating through the space come into play). The working space is located in the back and follows the elliptical line through the building's entirety.

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