Friday, June 24, 2011

Carlo Scarpa: Palazzo Stampalia Querini study

1/8" - 1' Constructed Drawing

Floor plan 
Section A

Section B

1/8" - 1' Axon

Elevation of gates
Begun in 1959, Carlo Scarpa's renovation of the first floor of the Palazzo Stampalia Querini in Venice, Italy is an ode to the canal. The gallery space that occupies the first floor is prone to flooding. Rather than try and prevent the natural rising and falling tides of the Venetian canals within the space, Scarpa invites the water in. Employing varying levels of foot paths, walls, and guard rails - the water is controlled. Similar to the way in which the tides fluctuate within the space, so too does a human. The teak bridge entrance brings a visitor about a foot below ground level. Once inside, a visitor is essentially floating through space; hovering between 4 feet - 1 foot below ground level. It isn't until they reach the garden in the rear that they are above grade.

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  1. hello, i'd like to know where you got the plans from, or did you make them yourself? is because i need to cite a source on some homework from uni.