Friday, June 24, 2011

Flooding the Palazzo

Performance model concept

Model reference

1/8" - 1' Axon showing water depth

Performance model artifact

Gel wax model
A human floats between 4 feet and 1 foot below ground level within the Palazzo Stampalia Querini. Using plexi glass, museum board, dye, glitter, and water I flooded a 1/8" - 1" model of Scarpa's first floor renovation. Rather than controlling water like Scarpa did, I unleashed it to illustrate the levels below ground that a human can occupy. The darker the water, the farther below ground level a visitor is. I then re-made the 1/8" model and flooded the space with gel wax in order to have a solid version of what was shown in the first flood. The varying densities of the gel color illustrate the dye within the first model.

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