Friday, May 25, 2012

conTEMPORARY wallpaper

A proposal board showing how the wallpaper works within the 66 Fifth Avenue space. The original proposal is left up as an example of the overall look I am going for. I added the updated CONTEMPORARY grid  and its respective color combinations.
A wallpaper highlighting the temporary phenomenon of the contemporary world. It is a commentary on the temporary quality each of us has and hopefully inspiration to go out into the world to create something that isn't as temporary as we are. It is a study of color and how color toys with out vision. The colors are intentionally chosen to create a fuzziness - the letters appear to vibrate. I chose a serif type because of it's formal quality. I didn't chose Times or Calibri because they seemed too banal. This font is a take on what we are so accustom to. 

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